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grenepages_grenepages editorial_7th WordSydney hosted the year 2000 Olympics and caught the attention of the whole world. For every athlete and tourist moving in and out of Sydney, the Sydney Harbour Bridge was unavoidable, especially with the bold "Eternity" inscription on it. Those who watched on TV did not escape it either.
As the fireworks of the closing ceremony came to life right on the bridge, it only brought the inscription (Eternity) to the world's full view. The whole world was reminded about eternity, and the question on people's heart was- "If indeed there is an eternity, where will I spend mine?" Eternity became a household name in Sydney because a certain Arthur Stace decided to write the word so bold that everyone will live with the consciousness of eternity.
It is another Olympic season in the year 2016 and Rio de Janeiro is the host. Every Day, cameras focus on an image in the City Centre called "Christ the Redeemer." As the world watches the Olympic Games and the cameras keep covering that image, a message is constantly passed across- "Christ is the Redeemer."
These two cities were chosen to host the Olympics among several others who wished and applied to be chosen. By God's arrangement, why they were chosen is not farfetched. The gospel must reach everyone before the Lord comes...
God wants to answer your prayers of excelling, but why should he? If he raises you high, picks you out among your equals or makes you the focus in your family or your organization, what will they see?
As you read this edition of grenepages, we call your attention to the fact that the father wants to lift you up, but when you become the world's focus, what is there in your life to see?
I am sure you loved the last six. Welcome to our seventh issue.

Tobi Olowookere




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