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Some people may have to leave the scene for you to be seen. You may have to leave the scene for others to be seen.

While men see stars, God sees a usable vessel.

It seems as if God does not parade many stars in the same galaxy at the same time. He arranges things in such a way that each star receives enough attention in its time of reign.

Jesus did not start until john left the scene when he was arrested. Although, Jesus was already set, his latter was not established until the former was taken away. You could imagine what the reaction would have been when John was arrested.

Before John, there had been no prophet in the scene of Israel and Judea for a long time. Capturing this ‘one in centuries’ prophet would have left some in despair. “Would another period of darkness envelope them?” it was as if God has been shut out again. Another period of heavenly silence looms as the only voice of God at that time was removed from the scene. However, the star to sustain their illumination even in a better form was already with them. In fact, the succeeding star has been with them almost throughout the reign of this captured diminishing star, but they knew not. You see, for every scene, there are already succeeding stars even better ones around; they might only not have been identified, partially because it is not yet their time and not to threaten the reigning star. However, one day, the present star would leave the scene and another would be seen.

A star might leave the scene by the natural order of aging and death. Some leave by the human order of tenure and term expiration. Others leave the scene because the stage light was shifted from them to another. This is interesting. The stage light manager is God himself and he can at times decide to focus the light on another character thus changing the character to be seen by the audience. Hence, a new star emerges to be celebrated in that scene.

 Irrespective of how God decides to remove star from scenes, it is sufficient to acknowledge that many stars are in the waiting. Such waiting stars should continue positioning themselves in the hand of the scene director with patience and faithfulness. The current shining stars should ‘run their race’ with speed and precision knowing well they will leave the scene someday. The onlookers should rest in the confidence that the scene would not become starless, as there are stars (possibly better ones) amidst them bidding their ordained time.

When Jesus was leaving the scene, it seemed there was no star capable of taking over. They were faithless and of little faith, failed to hand deliverance successfully, scared of authorities and even little girls. In short, the shoes of Jesus were tremendously oversized for them to fit in. but history (some of which were documented in the book of The Acts of the Apostles) showed otherwise. They turned cities upside down.

For instance, Philip (not that of the twelve disciples) who took Samaria by storm with the Gospel was hitherto unknown. However, with the absence of the ‘word and prayer’ apostles in this new scene, the ‘table serving’ brother shone like a star.

Stars gain illumination continuously over a period and stars do die off after shinning for their designated period. You as a star will increase in illumination when you stay positioned. Remaining where God has placed you will help you to gain energy day after day of which some will be converted to light, the illumination that is seen shinning bright in the dark sky where you are


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Ope Rowland believes in the ministry of every saint. Hence, he talks and writes about believers finding, grooming and operating in their ministries.

He is the author of the thriving blogs and the books- The Young Christian , Manifestation and The Intimate Life  

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