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But I have come that they might have life...John 10:10
It is not a world just wary of the thief's coming. It is an already raided place.
Jesus was right on point when he said about the thief, that he comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.
Daily, sometimes all their lives, men are robbed and killed. Lives are being destroyed.
One would want to ask; “Why is our world still being vandalized?” “Why are we so helpless?”
One should ask rather; “Is the world really helpless?” Truth is, “No.”
The world is not helpless. We do not have to be robbed, killed and destroyed. Man is not doomed to die. We have a saviour. He offers Life, if we would just take it.
He says, “I have come that they MIGHT HAVE LIFE and have it in abundance.”
In this edition of grenepages, our focus is on the Abundant Life. All articles in here are pointers to a path; the one that leads to life.
Wouldn't you rather choose Life?
Welcome to the 4th edition of grenepages. The words in here speak Life!

Tobi Olowookere




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