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What Do You Say?

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Totally glad to have my daddy back from his trip, I sat on his leg eagerly waiting for my goodies. He opened his bag and brought out a pack of my favourite snacks.

Excitedly, I grabbed the gift bag and rush off to my best spot in the house to enjoy my spoils. As I unwrapped the first snack, reaching for my first bite, mummy rushed towards me and grabbed it out of my hands.


She did not say a word for a while and I wondered what I had done this time as she looked at me anticipating something. My room must be scattered again, I thought to myself. Seeing as I was still silent, she sighed and spoke up, “T girl, what do you say to Daddy?”

Then the realization hit my small head, here we going again!

I had been trying to master this routine to no avail. Trying to stay straight faced, I quickly say, sorry mum. Rushing into daddy’s arms, I scream ‘thank you daddy’.

I marvel at how we all teach this and were taught but our reality is farfetched, as we grow older. We complain more than we acknowledge the good in our lives. It appears, contentment is for the weak and happiness eludes us in our pursuit for more and more.

Why we so easily critic but grudgingly acknowledge and value the things that go great no matter how small? Why do parents expect a compliment but don’t give same to a child who has earned it. Why is God blamed and denounced for all the ills in the world; yet while in pain we pine to him for strength? Why will we love to be given yet conclude we don’t have enough to give in return?

Take time to zoom on the things that have gone better than you wished. Pay forward the kind deed you got yet didn’t earn. Laugh because you can. Forgive so you can smile again. There are so many ‘thank yous’ waiting to be delivered in this world. Release your share from the waiting room and give someone a reason to be happy today.

Now that I have taken time to write this, what do you say…?



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Toyin Seth-Ogungbe’ is a vessel with an addiction to God, his word and his creation. She has a passion for relationships and takes pride in her femininity.

Tee- Wai is inspired by every little detail  experienced in her daily living and networking with people.

Toyin co-authored with her Dad the book Chip Off The Old Block, a suspense-filled compilation of short stories, which explores the intricate details of true-to-life characters.

Chip Off The Old Block

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